Blackburn Cycling Club is dependent on our members to help organise & run races & events.  We value our members and thank those who devote their time to allow others to participate in some of the most love cycling events on the yearly calendar.

All registered members (but excluding life members) are requested (and expected to) assist their Club with the running of the BBN hosted race events - either personally or by finding somebody else (for juniors this probably means 'a parent'). Each season we endeavour to get the race fixture and roster requirements completed early enough for members to be able to review and submit their events and position preferences. Each member is usually required to perform at least 2 duties during each season.

If we do not get volunteers for all positions by the stated cut-off date we have no choice but to assign members to the unfilled duty roster positions or not run the event.

We do not necessarily expect that members personally do the duty they volunteered (or assigned) to do but that they take the responsibility to see that the duty is fullfilled by either doing it personally or by finding somebody else. We would really like to see our BBN members ride each of our races and therefore encourage all to pursuade family, friends, or relatives to come out and help. Most people find it very rewarding and they will get a chance to see you race! Rostered Members (RM's) are to advise the Race Director of any changes to the roster where a substitute is being used to fulfil their role and provide contact details of the substitute.

Arrival Time

Most positions are required to be at the designated 'Race Office' near the start 1 1/2 hours prior to the published race start time. There is much equipment to be unpacked and setup. If you are unsure of the location or how long it will take you to get to a particular racing venue, please don't hesitate to contact the Race Director for directions. Check the position descriptions and ensure ensure you know when you are required and then PLEASE be there on time! If for any reason you are running late PLEASE ring ahead and inform the Race Director.

Preparation Prior to Event Date

Please note that some of the positions have specific requirements (such as first aid or traffic control qualifications, suitable vehicles adequately fueled). Please check your specific position instructions prior to the event date. All Drivers (Lead/Follow Cars, Sag Wagon / Support Vehicle

  • Please make sure you have sufficient fuel to get around the course and get back home
  • Bring a passenger to help you with your duty and keep you company
  • Bring a pen
  • Arrive at least 1 & 1/2 hours prior to the scheduled start and report to the Race Director

Choice of Duties

If you want to watch the race - volunteer for a Follow Car! Best jobs for around the finish area: Equipment Distribution and Collection, Entry Table, Finish Line or Canteen.

The Chief Commissaire (referee) for the day. Is required to be qualified as at least a Club Level Commissaire. They are responsible for seeing that the race is conducted, and that the riders ride, according to the rules and regulations and will rule on any disputes.

First Aid
Please make sure your qualifications are current and that you have access to a vehicle and are prepared to drive out to injured riders. Please arrive at the Race Office 1 hour prior to the scheduled start.

Entry Table
Those rostered for the entry table (typically 3) are to manage the entries, full and single day licences and race numbers. One of those rostered on for this position will take the responsibility as the Race Treasurer and will be the Club Treasurer's deputy on the day. They must account for all monies collected and paid on the day.

Finish Line
Those rostered for the finish line are to judge the finish of each grade, and to present the final results to the Race Director and Entry table.

Finish Line Spotter
Stationed a little way up the road from the finish, the spotter radio's ahead to the finish line to warn of riders approaching and approx numbers in bunch.

Traffic Controller
Qualified Traffic Controllers are required to control and manage traffic at intersections and the finish for the safety of riders and other road users.

Corner Marshall
To provide direction to riders and to assist the Traffic Controller(s) in setup and wherever necessary.

Lead Car Drivers
Are required to drive (their) cars to act as a warning to other motorists and to protect the competing riders. The lead car also acts as a warning to the Corner Marshalls that the riders are approaching the intersection.

Follow Car Drivers
Similar to the lead car - but to protect riders from the rear. They are also requested to observe the riders and to record the race number of any rider crossing the white lines.

K.O.M & Intermediate Sprint Judge
Required to record the results of all grades at an intermediate sprint point and to communicate the results to the chief judge/recorder immediately.

Support Vehicle
To provide spare wheel support to riders for major events (typically those ranked as Opens).

Sag Wagon
To follow the last rider on the road and to inform those managing the corners that they can pack up and leave the corner. Also there for safety to ensure no riders left stranded on the circuit due to either injury, fatigue, or mechanical failure.

Responsible for purchasing - prior to event - drinks, sausages and bread. On the day - to cook and sell sausages, drinks and stay to clean up after the event.


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